SAP Process Orchestration Development System now on 7.50

Our development system WPO has been migrated successfully from 7.40 to 7.50 SP2 last week thanks to our admin, Michael Havemester!

Now we can start with nice hybrid scenarios using HCI integration content in the On-Premise runtime…


openHPI BPMN Course in 2016

As the BPMN course of openHPI in 2013/2014 was such a success, in April 2016 there will be a new one:

BPMN Meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling

And it´s free, you can also get a certificate if you finish your assignments in time…

SAP TechEd 2015: Key take-aways

This week in Barcelona was great, we had a lot of fun experiencing new technologies from the SAP Labs…

From an interfacing/application integration point of view, those are the main topics that will drive our 2016:

  • On-Premise
    • SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is available! We are excited and wait for SP1 to update our landscape!
      • New main feature (besides JDK 8 compatibility): HCI runtime
      • iFlows designed in HCI can be deployed on SAP Process Orchestration, meaning any PI (central/decentral) Adapter Engine with release 7.5
    • Operational Process Intelligence (running as native SAP HANA application on HANA only) is becoming more and more interesting: Collect and monitor business processes based on SAP business events (e.g. from Process Observer) and Non-SAP data sources in nice Fiori Dashboards – super flexible!
    • SAP´s new business suite S/4 HANA comes with cool functionality, such as Core Data Services who enable OData access natively without additional setup via SAP Gateway!
  • Cloud
    • SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is becoming a complete IPaaS, providing many services – especially
      • Middleware features (HCI)
      • OData Provisioning (HCI)
      • API Management
      • IoT Message Hub
    • The Integration Advisor is almost public.
      • This great tool within HCI to achieves really fast time-to-value via crowd-based B2B mappings for e.g. EDI <-> IDoc content.
      • Soon, the content and mappings for SAP Enterprise Services (based on GDTs) will become available…
      • The designed mappings can be also executed On-Premise (PI/PO) and not only in the Cloud (HCI).

First Teach BIT900 (HCI) in Walldorf

Finished the first teach of SAP Training BIT900 (SAP HCI Introduction) in Walldorf today!

Received good feedback from the participants, many exercises for practicing 🙂

I will teach next time at SAP Berlin in December: BIT800 (SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration)

SAP Landscape of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign running on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Thanks to Microsoft and especially our friend and partner Michael Havemester, our first SAP development systems are now up and running:

  • SAP NetWeaver PO 7.4 SP9 with B2B add-on and IGW (Integration Gateway) on D11 instance
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP on D12 instance