Onboarding Guide WHINT Middleware Services for SAP CPI

This schema shows the Onboarding process for our Middleware Services:


Configuration Guide for SAP Cloud Connector:

  1. Install SAP Cloud Connector from https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#cloud. In case you have a Cloud Connector in place already, you can add an additional account – please proceed with step 3
  2. Launch Admin Cockpit on https://localhost:8443/
    • First time login using initial credentials Administrator/manage
  3. Add the account provided by whitepaper.id to your dashboard (Define Account)
  4. Add the SAP PI/PO system you want to expose (Cloud To On-Premise: SAP Process Integration)
  5. Add the URL Services (Resources)
  6. Connect to https://account.hana.ondemand.com/cockpit and check the status of the Cloud Connector