WHINT Payload ReplaceString


This Adapter Module is able to replace a string of any payload with another one. Binary objects are (of course) not supported, the payload must be text-based.


  • Deploy the SCA/EAR file provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign using NWDS/JSPM/SUM/Telnet
  • Check if the deployment was successful in JNDI browser (NWA -> Troubleshooting -> Java -> JNDI Browser) It should appear under Folder WHINT with name PayloadReplaceString


  • Add the Adapter Module in the Module Processor (Sender or Receiver Channel)
  • Name: WHINT/PayloadReplaceString
  • Type: Local
  • Parameters:
    • separator = ;
    • param1 = oldValue;newValue
    • param2 = badString;emptyString
    • param3 = clearString;blankString
  • Variables:
    • emptyString = “”
    • blankString = ” “

The name of the param (except separator) is not important. You can use the parameters also in combination, the replace will be done as many times you enter a param.

Special characters have to be escaped with a backslash according to Java Regex Pattern Documentation.

A file with CRLF characters has to be corrected. In addition the string QTY is replaced by XXX.


File before (25 lines):


File after (only 1 line):


Message monitor: