WHINT MessageVolume Report

SAP Lumira Cloud


This solution reads the performance data of each PO/PI Adapter Engine and creates a report with the message volumes (message counter, average processing time and data volume in KB) per Interface (Sender/Receiver/Interface/Namespace). Each Interface can be assigned to an area by maintaining a configuration file (e.g. all interfaces belonging to a subsidiary, brand or a specific scenario).


  • Works with SAP NetWeaver PO (PI) version 7.3 EHP1 and higher
  • If you read from more than one Adapter Engine and you enforce SSL, you need to apply SP15 for 7.31 / SP10 for 7.40
  • Create a new User with the following standard role (or equivalent custom role): SAP_XI_MONITOR_J2EE
  • Activate the performance monitoring in NWA
    • Configuration > Infrastructure > Java System Properties
    • Services > XPI Service: AF Core
    • Properties > profile.performance.runtime = true
  • Import the Software Component into your ESR provided by Whitepaper InterfaceDesign
  • Configure the Scenario by installing the Integration Scenario in NWDS (via iFlows) or in Integration Directory Swing Client
  • Configure the interval to keep the last 31 days of the message processing by executing the following URL on your PI/PO system: http(s)://host:port/mdt/performancedataqueryservlet?PeriodConfig=DAILY=31


  • Trigger the Download with a File Sender Channel that runs only once/month (via Communication Channel Scheduling) or as often as you like
  • Setup the area assignment like this in the Imported Archive “Lookup_XML”, file “Lookup_Area.xml”
    • Area: Test1
      • SenderSystem: Party_BC1 / SenderParty: Party1
      • ReceiverSystem: System3 / ReceiverParty:
      • Interface: Message_Out / InterfaceNS: urn:test
    • Area: Test2
      • SenderSystem: System4 / SenderParty:
      • ReceiverSystem: Component2 / ReceiverParty:
      • Interface: * / InterfaceNS: *


The company (group) wants to distribute the costs for the SAP middleware operations across all (local) companies/subsidiaries based on the message volume they are using. Each month they execute a measurement and summarize the result into an Excel file.

The result can also be pushed into a BW data source (available on demand).